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Life Stress Reduction (LSR) Workshop Surrey

4-day intensive workshop for mental health practitioners

Life Stress Reduction is a comprehensive approach to resolving the kinds of difficulties for which people usually seek counselling.

LSR helps clients face and deal with difficult aspects of their life piece by piece, releasing emotional charge and gaining relief and awareness.

The expected outcome of LSR is that the client is able to more successfully and happily engage in his/her life.

Issues that can be addressed with LSR include feeling overwhelmed, unhappy or guilty, indecisiveness, relationship distress, grief and loss, work pressure, and body image problems.

Who should attend an LSR workshop?

The Life Stress Reduction (LSR) is recommended for:

  • Experienced counselling/mental health professionals and lay practitioners who aren’t satisfied with the methods they are using at present
  • Newly qualified counselling/mental health professionals and lay practitioners who would like to acquire a broad range of skills to handle most of the issues for which people seek counselling and support
  • TIR graduates who are so pleased with their TIR results that they want to learn LSR and be able to address more client issues with Applied Metapsychology

When and where is the next LSR workshop being held?

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What is the cost for the 4-day LSR workshop?

Early registration fee is $860 including GST ($120 deposit to register)

How do I register?

Download Workshop Registration Form

What will I learn in in the Life Stress Reduction workshop?

  1. The theory and practice of Applied Metapsychology Life Stress Reduction
  2. The Rules of Facilitation and Communication Exercises (maximize client safety & session progress)
  3. The Techniques:
    1. Assessment interviews (brief and extensive) and case planning
    2. Disturbance handling (immediate upsets or worries)
    3. Unfinished Business (grief and loss)
    4. Wrong Indication (corrects damaging personal evaluations)
    5. Recall lists (memory enhancement, ego support)
    6. Emotionally charged persons program
    7. Techniques to support fragile ego
    8. Exploration, Loops, Unblocking and Life Stress List (self-esteem, guilt & shame, stressful relationships and situations,)

Workshop highlights include:

  1. Role plays and demonstrations
  2. Students experience actual sessions – both as facilitator (counsellor) and viewer (client). Confidentiality applies to the content of all sessions given and received during workshops.

For more information on LSR training, please see the Training page

To organize an LSR workshop in your organization or community, please contact Pauline Carey.