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virtual Practice Areas - Pauline Carey, Counsellor

Pauline Carey offers respectful and effective virtual counselling to teens and adults of all ages.  With over 35 years of clinical counselling experience, she has experience in dealing with most of the issues that bring people into counselling.  However she has specialized training and experience in the following areas:

  1. Trauma Resolution
  2. Stress Reduction
  3. Anger Management and Anger Resolution
  4. Yoga, meditation and breathing 

Trauma Resolution

Trauma is a relationship with an experience – the meaning of the experience for us, as well as the facts of the traumatic situation – are what cause traumatic symptoms such as fear and anxiety, numbing, difficulty concentrating, and sleep disturbance.

Whether you have suffered a recent traumatic experience, such as a death, a motor vehicle accident, an assault, or historic trauma, such as childhood abuse or neglect, Fraser Valley Trauma Counsellor Pauline Carey, can help you achieve relief.

Find out more about Trauma Resolution.

Stress Reduction

When life’s stresses become overwhelming and we are struggling to cope, Life Stress Reduction (LSR) can help. LSR allows us to make a structured assessment of the issues that are creating difficulties and prioritize these.  Even this initial process often brings relief, as it helps us identify and face what is causing our stress.

Life Stress Reduction counselling then helps us to examine our stressors in a safe, structured environment. LSR allows us to go below the surface, to increase awareness of an area of difficulty, to expand understanding of it and to resolve it. Resolution may take the form of feeling more at peace with an issue, and/or developing an action plan to follow.  Either way, clarity and greater satisfaction with the issues are the likely outcome.

Read more about Life Stress Reduction (LSR) or contact Pauline Carey, stress reduction Counsellor, about a life stress reduction consultation.

Anger Management & Anger Resolution

Whether you are interested in Anger Management or in getting rid of your extreme or chronic anger altogether – Anger Resolution – help is at hand!

While Anger Management is skills based, and involves ongoing effort on your part to manage your anger, Anger Resolution takes about the same amount of time and typically leads to a significant reduction in the amount of extreme anger experienced.

Read more about virtual Anger Management Counselling, or contact Pauline Carey for an initial consultation.


Having completed 200 hours of yoga teacher training, Pauline Carey is able to teach yoga meditation and breathing techniques for the relief of anxiety, depression and pain.  She also teaches physical yoga postures where needed, and yoga for the hands (mudras) for the relief of conditions as diverse as headache and insomnia.


Workplace Crisis Management

Beyond the everyday challenges of work, there are occasionally situations which require special crisis intervention, such as: the death of an employee, robbery or assault in the workplace, downsizing and job termination. Fraser ValleyTrauma Counsellor, Pauline Carey can assist with group and individual trauma debriefing of employees at the workplace, covid protocols permitting.  She can also provide individual counselling and support to employees at the same time, or at a later date, should they experience difficulties later on.

Read more about Workplace Crisis Management, or contact Pauline Carey, Fraser Valley Crisis Management Counsellor.

Other Practice Areas in which Pauline Carey has significant training and experience:

  1. Communication
  2. Relationship Difficulties
  3. Addictions
  4. Parenting Issues
  5. Personal Growth

Find out more about Personal Growth and Other Practice Areas.

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