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TIR & LSR Training and Workshops

  1. Introductory Workshops - TIR & LSR

Pauline Carey, Fraser Valley BC Counsellor and Trainer, is a popular presenter. Over the past 10 years, she has led many introductory workshops on the subject of Traumatic Incident Reduction and Life Stress Reduction:

  • BC Police Victims’ Services training symposia
  • BC School Counsellors’ conferences
  • Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association/BC Association of Clinical Counsellors conference.
  • City University, Vancouver (graduate counselling students)
  • Simon Fraser University (graduate counselling students)
  • Great West Life Insurance Company Vocational Rehab Department
  • Surrey School District
  • Delta School District
  • Traumatic Incident Reduction Association international technical symposium

Contact us to enquire about a virtual or in-person introductory presentation on Traumatic Incident Reduction and/or Life Stress Reduction provided by Pauline Carey, Fraser Valley BC Counsellor and Trainer. These presentations are often delivered at professional conferences and training symposia. However anintroductory presentation can be provided to your workgroup .

  1. Intensive Professional Development Workshops

Mental health professionals who wish to expand their skills in the areas of trauma resolution, anger resolution and stress reduction can register for one or both of these    3-4-day intensive workshops:

These workshops are offered in-person or virtually.  Both TIR-Essentials and LSR are stand-alone workshops, which teach skills that may be used with clients immediately after workshop completion.

However those who find these skills really useful with their clients may choose to expand their skills by taking the other workshop.

Graduates of the TIR-Essentials workshop are also eligible to participate in a 3-day TIR Expanded  workshop, which builds specifically on their trauma intervention knowledge.

Both LSR and TIR are part of Applied Metapsychology. Metapsychology is a comprehensive theory of human psychological functioning, which includes psychodynamic and humanistic principles. Applied Metapsychology is the practice by which relief from emotional pain is achieved and personal growth is fast-tracked. Applied Metapsychology - and TIR/LSR - is wholly person-centered, non-interpretive and non-judgmental, yet highly focused, directive and controlled.

Attendance at more than one workshop is optional, as each workshop is a complete package, and the skills learned in each workshop can be applied immediately without further training. Supervision is however available for a nominal fee.

There is some overlap between the topics taught in the three workshops. This overlap is beneficial to consolidate learning, particularly of core concepts and techniques that are more difficult to master. There is always time to answer participants’ questions and clarify concepts and techniques.

Registration is limited to 7 for each workshop. Each workshop includes experience in using the techniques as well as theoretical instruction and demonstrations.

A comprehensive manual is included with each workshop.

Workshop hours may be counted towards Continuing Education Credits by members of several Canadian counselling associations, including the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors and the Canadian Professional Counselling Association. 

For more details on each of these three workshops, please click on these links and/or the open registration workshop calendar link and the current workshop schedule link.

  1. Workshops Run In Your Workplace

Organizations, agencies and groups wishing to offer TIR/LSR training in the workplace are invited to contact us to discuss this. In-house workshops are very cost-effective. Closed Registration (In-house) workshops provide an opportunity for a core group of staff to acquire a common therapeutic language and solid clinical skills within a very short time.

Organizations which have hosted TIR and/or LSR workshops run by Pauline Carey, Trauma Trainer, since 2007 include:

  • BC School Counsellors’ Association
  • Coquitlam School District
  • Ending Violence Association of BC
  • Government of Nunavut Mental Health Team
  • Nanaimo Hospice Society
  • Peace River School District
  • Sunshine Coast School District
  • Surrey School District
  • Delta School District
  • Family Services of Greater Vancouver/ Project Parent
  • Vancouver Drug Court

Other workshops can be provided as needed, such as Stress Management, Effective Communication with Difficult People, Achieving Work-Life Balance.