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personal growth - Other Areas of Practice

This page gives an overview of other practice areas in which Virtual Counsellor Pauline Carey has significant training and experience:

  1. Communication
  2. Relationship Difficulties
  3. Addictions
  4. Parenting Issues
  5. Personal Growth
  1. Communication

Communication is often cited as a problem between partners, between parent and child, boss and employee. Often the barrier results from feelings of hurt and betrayal or a lack of trust. While individual work is usually recommended to address past hurts and help each party take responsibility for their own well-being, optimal communication skills are a key component of smoothing the way in troubled relationships and building understanding, trust and respect.

Communication skills which foster mutual understanding and affection can be taught. These skills allow people to de-escalate tensions and resolve issues while keeping communication channels open. In addition, individual counselling of those experiencing communication difficulties can ease tensions and lead to resolution of the communication barriers.

  1. Relationship Difficulties

Relationship difficulties are a major source of stress in many people’s lives. Whether it’s a problem with a spouse, a child, mother-in-law, or friend, friction in relationships can be very distressing.

While relationship counselling is frequently difficult and often unsuccessful, help is at hand. Traditional relationship counselling involves two people meeting with a counsellor and trying to resolve their difficulties. Sessions frequently lead to further fights and hurts. It doesn’t have to be this way.

While an initial meeting with both parties is commonly the starting point, individual counselling using Life Stress Reduction is often the optimal way to resolve relationship problems. Individual sessions allow both parties to express their pain and hurt, without having to walk on eggshells around the other person. Individual sessions allow each party to acknowledge their own feelings without fear of recrimination, and to take responsibility for their own behavior without being blamed. Individual sessions also allow each party to develop an action plan for resolving the issues.

While some sessions may be conducted with both parties present, for example to teach conflict-reducing communication skills, individual counselling is often more effective. Reduced relationship stress and increased mutual understanding is often enough for harmony to be achieved.

  1. Addictions

Addictions such as substance abuse, gambling or sexual acting out are often indicators of unresolved underlying stresses or traumas. While there are some funded programs available for these difficulties, wait times can be lengthy, and group participation is often mandatory. Pauline Carey, virtual trauma and stress counsellor, has extensive experience in addictions. In addition to her private practice experience with clients affected by substance abuse, Pauline also supervised the Alcohol & Drug counselling program at Delta Family Services (now Deltassist) for 5 years. While referral will gladly be made to funded programs, Pauline Carey can provide individualized counselling programs for those struggling with or affected by addictions and their underlying causes.

  1. Parenting Issues

Parents are often concerned about their son or daughter’s behavior, especially in their teen years. While Pauline Carey does see teens who are interested in counselling, it is often effective to consult with the parent as well. This is because the parent often has the greater wish to change the situation.

Consultation can assist the parent to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy teen behavior, and to receive support and guidance as to how the teen’s behavior can most easily be modified. Optimal communication skills are often taught. Occasionally sessions will be suggested between parent and teen, to assist both in expressing their concerns and agreeing on mutually acceptable solutions.

Sessions with teens can help teens address their personal issues with a non-judgmental, respectful adult, whose only role is to assist. Pauline Carey, virtual Stress Reduction Counsellor can also help teens discuss difficult issues with their parents.

  1. Personal Growth

Would you like to improve your Memory? Communication skills? Problem solving? Resilience to life stressors?  

A personal growth program is available to anyone who has addressed all the current stressors in their lives to their own satisfaction. The personal growth program allows participants to develop their skills in key life areas. Sessions are conducted 1 on 1, similarly to individual counselling. Key areas covered are:

  • Help and Control
  • Memory
  • Communication
  • Problem Resolution
  • Reconciliation
  • Resilience
  • Rightness

This growth leads to a higher level of personal happiness, empowerment and life satisfaction. Personal growth grads typically bounce back from even severe setbacks much quicker than before, and report an overall increase in life enjoyment. Pauline Carey, virtual counsellor, can facilitate your personal growth through this program.