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virtual Stress Reduction Counselling 

  • Are you feeling stressed? Covid taking a toll on you?
  • Too much work, too little time? Demanding boss? Difficult customers? Lazy coworkers?
  • Kids driving you crazy? Not getting on with your spouse? In-laws making you miserable?
  • Not happy with yourself? Lacking confidence? Can’t relax? Low self esteem? Hate your body?
  • Money problems?  Can’t make decisions about your life? Need to make changes but don’t know what?

Life Stress Reduction can help! Life Stress Reduction (LSR) is a systematic, structured way of examining and addressing all the areas of your time that are causing you distress.  LSR allows you to go below the surface, to increase your awareness of an area of difficulty, to expand your understanding of it and to resolve it. Resolution may take the form of feeling more at peace with an issue, and/or developing an action plan to follow. Either way, clarity and greater satisfaction with the issues are the likely outcome.

Life Stress Reduction (LSR) differs from social conversation and traditional counselling. It involves an assessment to identify key areas of distress, prioritizing of these issues to maximize your gains in the shortest possible time, and a structured client centered process to reduce your stress. The process is transparent and focused.

Most people can identify their general emotional state – the one they experience most of the time.  For example, one person may be cheerful, another may be generally fearful, another may be generally angry.  People who complete a Life Stress Reduction program will typically change their general emotional state to a more positive one, and this is a lasting change.  For example, the generally fearful person may become a generally cheerful one.  After completing stress counselling with Life Stress Reduction people usually report greater happiness, increased energy and life satisfaction.

While a full Life Stress Reduction program can take between 20 and 40 counselling hours, everyone is likely to benefit within the first session or two.  The program ends when you are satisfied with the results.

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