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Anger Management & Resolution Counselling 

Anger Management is hard work! That’s because you have to keep doing it...anticipating your anger, directing it into safe channels, soothing yourself, etc. Why not consider Anger Resolution instead?

Anger Resolution takes about the same amount of time as Anger Management, but the outcome is usually that you simply experience a lot less anger – you just get angry a whole lot less – not as often, and the anger isn’t as intense.

Differences between Anger Management and Anger Resolution

So what are the differences between Anger Management and Anger Resolution?

Anger Management

Anger Resolution

Can be learned in an individual or group setting

Individual setting only – this is about your specific situation

Learn skills to manage your anger

Find out what’s driven your anger to problematic levels for you and/or others

Ongoing vigilance required to anticipate your angry outbursts

Resolve your anger problem by processing issues that have created it

Ongoing attention required to distract yourself or channel your energy away from destructively angry situations

Address unresolved traumas, problematic relationships and other personal issues in counselling

Work to manage your anger and self-soothe on an ongoing basis

Experience the absence of problem anger in your life!

Completion time

How long do Anger Management and Anger Resolution take to complete?

Anger Management and Anger Resolution take approximately the same amount of time -10-20 hours

Advantages of Anger Management groups over Anger Resolution:

  1. Anger management can be learned in a group setting
  2. Anger management groups are cost-effective
  3. Anger management groups are a shared experience – you will meet others struggling with problem anger

Advantages of Anger Resolution over Anger Management:

  1. Anger Resolution is an individual counselling program tailored to your specific needs and goals
  2. Anger Resolution provides a long-term solution to the issues that are fuelling your problem anger
  3. Anger Resolution involves personal growth – you will understand yourself and others better, you will be able to let go of past hurts and traumas, and take any necessary action to get your life back on track right now
  4. Repair of relationships damaged by your problem anger is easier after Anger Resolution.

Both Anger Management and Anger Resolution can be used to handle your anger problems. However only Anger Resolution is likely to lead to the absence of problem anger – you simply no longer experience that extreme anger.

Depending on your preferences, you can do both Anger Management and Anger Resolution, but this is optional. Together we will develop a plan to address your specific needs to your satisfaction.

Public presentation on Anger Management

Pauline’s most recent public presentation on Anger Management and Resolution was in 2012: See Video

Her presentation was part of the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors’ Skills for Mindful Living Series.

Contact Pauline Carey, Virtual  Anger Management Counsellor, for more information or to set up an initial consultation for Anger Management or Anger Resolution.