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Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) Workshop 

4-day intensive trauma workshop for mental health practitioners.

The TIR workshop teaches several major techniques for handling trauma and unwanted negative emotions such as anger, depression and anxiety. TIR utilises powerful techniques for managing communication effectively and creating an optimal therapeutic environment. TIR also allows the clinician to increase his/her overall clinical effectiveness by readily accessing deeper levels of consciousness in order to relieve negative emotional charge.

Who should attend a TIR workshop?

The Traumatic Incident Reduction workshop is recommended for:

  • Experienced counselling/mental health professionals who would like to expand their skills for resolving trauma
  • Newly qualified counselling/mental health professionals who would like to acquire the skills to handle trauma effectively
  • Lay practitioners working with clients who have experienced trauma
  • Grads of the LSR workshop who are achieving great results using LSR and want to boost their trauma resolution abilities with TIR

When and where is the next TIR workshop being held?

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What is the cost for the 4-day TIR workshop?

$860 including GST is the cost for early registration. ($120 deposit; balance due 2 weeks prior to workshop)

How do I register?

Download Workshop Registration Form

What will I learn in the TIR workshop?

  1. The theory of trauma and Traumatic Incident Reduction
  2. The Rules of Facilitation and Communication Exercises (practices which maximize client safety & session progress)
  3. Techniques:
    1. Brief assessment interview and case planning
    2. Disturbance handling (for immediate upsets or worries)
    3. Unblocking (for present time situations, charged persons, places or things, or as preparation for handling trauma)
    4. Basic TIR (for past events)
    5. Thematic TIR (for negative emotions such as anxiety)
    6. Grounding and remediation techniques

Workshop highlights include:

  1. Videos of actual TIR sessions and demonstration of techniques
  2. Students experience actual sessions – both as facilitator (counsellor) and viewer (client). Confidentiality applies to the content of all sessions given and received during workshops.

For more information on TIR training, please see the Training page 

To organize a TIR workshop in your organization or community, please contact Pauline Carey.