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TIR Expanded Applications (EA) 3-Day Workshop 

3-day intensive trauma workshop for mental health practitioners

Pre-requisite – TIR workshop

The TIR Expanded Applications workshop builds on the skills learned during the TIR Workshop and expands the practitioner’s repertoire with a series of additional techniques. These include TIR on pleasant experiences, Future TIR, a program for handling addictions, and techniques for handling grief, loss and relationship difficulties. In addition, the techniques taught in the Basic TIR workshop are refined and honed to increase their efficacy.

The TIR Expanded Applications workshop (EA) emphasises experiential learning. While theory is explained, much of the workshop involves direct experience of TIR-EA sessions and techniques, through demonstrations and actual EA sessions.

Who should attend a TIR-EA workshop?

The TIR Expanded Applications (EA) workshop is recommended for:

  • Anyone who has completed the TIR workshop and is interested in expanding and refining their skills for resolving trauma

When and where is the next TIR-EA workshop being held?

Dates are set for this workshop on receipt of expressions of interest from TIR grads – let us know you are interested and you get to choose dates and location. Click for contact page

What is the cost for the 3-day TIR workshop?

$680 including GST is the cost for early registration ($120 deposit; balance due 2 weeks prior to workshop)

How do I register?

Download Workshop Registration Form

What will I learn in the TIR-EA workshop?

  1. End Points – to techniques, sessions, cases.
  2. Additional TIR instructions for difficult sessions
  3. Additional techniques:
    1. Introductory techniques for clients who are anxious
    2. Fine-tuned Unblocking
    3. Additional techniques for strengthening the viewer and supporting ego strength
    4. “Get the idea” – a remedy for fixed ideas
    5. Communicating with the body (for psychosomatic conditions and viewers with physical health issues)
    6. Advanced upset and disturbance handling techniques
    7. Unburdening relationships (for relationship difficulties)
    8. Grounding technique - locational
    9. Touch remedy (for reducing physical pain and/or achieving relaxation. Involves light fingertip touch, and used only with if clients is comfortable with process)
    10. TIR on pleasant experiences (to strengthen a client or balance a case plan)
    11. Unfinished Business
    12. Future TIR (for worries about a future event that is likely or unlikely to happen)
    13. Long term trauma technique
    14. Wrong Indications (untrue negative evaluations by significant others)
    15. Addictions Program
  4. Demonstration of techniques
  5. Assessment – an extensive interview (different to the one in the LSR workshop)
  6. Case planning and selection of techniques

Workshop highlights include:

  1. Role plays and demonstrations
  2. Students experience actual sessions – both as facilitator (counsellor) and viewer (client). Confidentiality applies to the content of all sessions given and received during workshops.

For more information on TIR & LSR training, please see the Training page or

To organize a TIR/LSR workshop in your organization or community, please contact Pauline Carey.